Community Planting Training Centre
We believe planting communities of faith / churches is the best way to fulfil the last commandment of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. Our goal is to train and equip healthy leaders who form healthy communities that will fill the earth with the glory of God.

For who?
It is open for everyone who longs to start their own group, church or movement. It’s easy in reach of those working full time and have families because it’s only one weekend a month.

Two year Program
We offer a two year program to get practically and theoretically equipped for church planting. You graduate fully when you only when you actually participate in the planting of a community of faith.

  • First year
    Consists of 10 weekends from September 2019 till June 2020. The weekends start on Fridayevening till Saturdayevening.
    Curriculum First year
  • Second year
    Consists of 10 Saturdays where you come back for coaching, encouragement, equipping, sharing and prayer, while you are starting your own group or church.
    Curriculum Second year

Cost & Location