We are a group of people who are passionate about Jesus, the local church, and church planting.

No matter what attendance size, we believe it is uncomplicated to plant churches that plant churches. In fact, we realize multiplication of churches must happen if we are to reach the 400+ million who don’t know Jesus in Western Europe.

We love sharing life together and value our relationship with one other. As leaders we get together 2-3 times a year to encourage, receive input, and minister to one other. We practically support and bless churches and leaders throughout the year, with finances, visiting one another, and partnering together to multiply.

We have a conviction to see people discipled and released in the purposes of God, no matter what age, gender, people group, or stage in the Christian life.

Looking forward what God has instore for us,

Arjan Munneke, Cors Ephraim, Christian Ypma, Joa Ephraim en Nick Klinkenberg